Sunday, December 8, 2019

Effectively manage the inventory of every asset in your warehouse: tools, equipment, materials, and consumables

Efficient warehouse management is all about having accurate information on the bins and levels for your assets at your fingertips. TraccaAfrica is an enterprise-wide solution that helps you utilize your inventory in a way that ensures field teams are well-supplied but also keeps you from having too many assets sitting unused on the shelf. From auto-generated pick tickets to user-set inventory level notifications, the system simplifies your warehouse management operations.

TraccaAfrica goes far beyond simple item tracking to impact all facets of your business, including strategy, operations, and finance. Using the latest cloud-based technology, the system is accessible from anywhere through desktop software and mobile apps, and provides the real-time data your company must have to be productive and competitive. And TraccaAfrica continues to evolve, with new warehouse management features added as needed to accommodate the changing needs of the warehouse team.

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