PoS Devices

POS (Point of Sale) Solution for Retail And Wholesale Business

Grocery Store is a small retail business to provide foods in packs or cans; and various fresh vegetables and fruits for our everyday life.

Today the grocery stores have changes to two different business types: Big and Small. The smaller scale is Convenience Store; and the bigger is Supermarket or even up to Hypermarket.

Are you searching for the integration of Retail and Wholesale POS solution?

The POS-3000 and the new TP-7715 / TP-2515 series are 15-inch touch screen POS terminals with resistive touch technology, and the TP-7715 / TP-2515 equip projective capacity touch display that makes multi-touch (up to 10 points) functionality possible. The performance and power-consumption balanced Quad-Core J1900 Celeron CPU enables the two series fascinating performance yet the noise reduced.

The convenient and reliable portable barcode scanner GS-6500 and 1650 scan lines Omni-352 dual scan hands-free barcode scanner reduces the efforts for item examination and the accuracy of data input is increased as well; BCP-8000 barcode data collector reduces stocktaking tasks to a simple scan-and-confirm step.